Bug - Survival Clock (Fixed in v0.2)


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Rob's right, I was busy giving my son a bath / getting the kids ready for bed and such between play throughs that I didn't catch it, but just tried again and it definitely doesn't reset when you exit to main menu and start a new game.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

By the way, this bug officially disqualifies Raph's record of 5 days of survival time, since there is no way to say if this tainted his record run. :) I think the record is now 3 days?

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  • Hinterland

Not at all, Alan!!! Don't steal that victory from me because your Survival Clock is buggy.

Back then I almost always played from the editor and not the Main Menu, but just to restore my honour I'll get back to it tonight and see if I can get to 6 days.

The overall game balance and difficulty has changed a fair bit since my 5 day run so it's time for a rematch anyway. Let's see how hard this game *really* is.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.