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To start, this is the first time I've ever felt it was worth it to buy an early access game, because, even if you never actually changed anything else from this point on, the game actually still feels complete. So, I look forward to actually seeing what comes. And I feel like it's worth it to support a game that's this well done on its atmosphere and mood.

So far, I don't quite feel like I want to suggest too much, because I'm not yet super good at playing it, so I don't know how to judge on how balanced the hunger and thirst issues are. I may have more to say on that once I'm able to survive for more than five days regularly. My current max is ten.

Anyway, I will say few things I wish were there. More options for the video quality. I've got it on the lowest video settings I can get it to and still my compy lags pretty badly at times, particularly when there are heavy weather effects, or any time I'm outside on the Coastal Road map (unless I look directly down at the ground, in which case it runs fine, but I can't figure out how to get it to do better otherwise). At times, it's actually bad enough that it can become unplayable. My compy's old, though, and even when it was new it was never super great with games, so I don't know if that's really a concern for most people. Still, that would be my wish, if that's even at all possible.

Another thing, I find there's really no point in harvesting deer hide, because there are only two items in the whole game that you can use it to repair. And I keep thinking, "Is my character seriously not smart enough to try using the deer hide to repair clothing?" Because, push comes to shove, I sure as hell would. And I need to repair my other clothes a lot more than I need to fix my boots. It just seems like the deer hide harvesting is a wasted mechanic given how little you use it for. Is there a possibility of being able to use leather to fix clothes at some point? Or perhaps using the leather to make something you can repair clothes with? Perhaps using leather to fix clothing has a lower chance of success because the material is more difficult to sew with (maybe? I have no idea how easy it is to sew with leather).

Also, maybe it's just my luck, but my fishing tackles, even newly crafted, seem to break 8/10 times I try to use them. It seems odd for a fishing rod with 80-90% quality to break with half an hour of use and no fishes caught, but that's frequently what happens. I don't know if this is just a problem with how I'm going about fishing (although it seems simple enough; one thing I'll give this game, everything is really simple to figure out, which is a bonus for a game with no tutorial), or if the chance for them to break is just set too high, but that's been my experience with them so far.

So far, most of my deaths have been from wolves, because I tend to get caught by them when my compy lags and I get stuck not being able to open a door because the lag keeps me from having my cursor over it (annoying, but that's the fault of my computer, really). So, at least as far as my experience has gone, the game is really solid and enjoyable. Just dropping my initial two cents worth.

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