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Hi there,

I would like to see mailboxes usable like containers. I already saw some but they were not interactive yet.

Usable mailboxes would add the ability to store more food in the cold outside (even just perhaps 4 kg/8 pounds). I know we already have car trunks, backpacks and some containers.

But mailboxes would add

  1. variety
  2. outside food storage which is more out of reach of animals (like wolves)

Thx, Christian

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Perhaps you could even read some of it for backstory purposes.


I'll be heading up there soon. You wouldn't believe the panic in the cities. I hope you've enough food stock to last a few months at the least. For some reason everyone thinks heading south is the answer, so we may be a few of the only ones up there. Is that to our benefit? I hope so. Tell you wife the girls are excited to see their Aunt. They don't know yet that this is more than an extended vacation..."

Like that.

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It would make sense if the mailboxes were useable for them also of having the chance to spawns small package. It could be something useful, like a small item of clothing or (even better) something you have absolutely no use for like a CD. The player would inevitably carry the useless item around for a while before figuring out that they couldn't do anything with it and discarding it.

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Storing food outside in containers like mailboxes and containers should highten the attention from wolfs (wolfs being more in that area). It's a risk you will have to take if you really need to store food outside.

I'd use it as a r/d elaying tactic. Every few nights, I would put two fresh carcasses into a mailbox further and further away from my home so as to make the area I live in un-interesting to the wildlife's predators. I'd still get an occasional wolf, but not a whole pack wandering the Coastal town every single minute of the day even after killing 6 of them off.

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