My logs, or wolf overload


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After getting eaten once more, I took a look at my game logs:

In a total of 25 games over about three months, the game ending causes were as follows:

dec 5 games : 4 wolf, 1 quit (longest game 8 days)

nov 3 games : 2 wolf, 1 quit (longest game 9 days)

oct 9 games : 2 wolf, 1 fall, 3 quit, 1 ice, 1 food poisoning, 1 starvation (longest game 43 days)

sep 8 games : 5 wolf, 1 fall, 2 quit (longest game 3 days)

This month, my motivation for playing has been to try out rabbit snares and fishing, but in every attempt I have gotten attacked and killed before finding the tools to accomplish this.

I find the game more frustrating than fun as it is now.

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