#424 Glitched through steep hillside.


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I was up a hill walking around, at the steepest part that a survivor can climb when I suffered a broken ankle. Fair call. I then experienced a bit of a lag spike to speak, before being able to turn around. I was able to make one broken ankle bound down the hill before hitting a glitch and falling to my death beneath...

Curse you for the saved game upon the broken ankle event!

I will call this one a plummet through the roof of a snow cave, which is not a half bad idea. Rope climbing your way out of it...Vertical limit style.

Log is below.

OS: 8.1, 64 bit.

Vis: hardly ever, twice now.

I think it was something to do with getting stuck between a tree and the steep slope. No screen shot, It faded into the long dark.

I would estimate that I was at, 470, 053, 650. Just to the right of the unnamed pond.

Once more unto the blizzard!

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