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First off, I love the game so far. I love the concept and it is pretty well executed thus far from what I've seen. Just a few things:

1) I don't know if there are going to be more animations such as the reloading one for actions such as opening a can of food, getting meat from an animal, crafting and so on.

2) Having an image of what is in your inventory below the stats if you hover over it.

3) Also hovering over it will how a "+10" or "-10" in how it would affect your temperature as well as condition compared to the piece of clothing you would be replacing.

4) When skipping hours, it isn't a drastic drop off from day to night. I was fishing and then suddenly it was pitch black and I was exhausted while trying to get to the nearby cabins. With only 15 weight, I tried dropping everything temporarily to get there (including my rifle) and then was ambushed by a wolf. Pretty funny death though.

5) Raising the weight slightly from ~30 to ~35ish would be ideal. I had pretty much all essentials and the two highest items were water and my rifle (very essential).

6) I have no idea if this is possible but doing 3rd person view like in Skyrim or DayZ would be great. Nothing that important but would be a really cool feature. Using the inventory layout and interface like the one in Skyrim would be ideal too.

7) Lastly, having the ability to craft a map. Kinda like the one in Minecraft where the map shows the areas you have been. Doesn't have to be very detailed at all (thinking that I would just hand draw picture of a cabin in a place with a name under it or a lake) on a piece of paper.

That's it for now but may edit more in later. And again, this is great so far. Definitely worth the early purchase.

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