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I've been thinking that as the game progresses, Will Mackenzie will be relying more and more on himself (or Anna on herself, if you are playing as her), so at some point, he/she'll start making his/her own tools.

I was thinking that if he found books in the Quonset Gas station on mechanics and machinery, he would unlock the ability to craft new items.

Amongst those I would suggest:

Bear trap- requires 5 scrap metal, gut and a spring (harvestable from car's suspension)

Requires simple tools and takes 2 hours to make. Reusable, will trap anything from deer to wolves.

Harpoon gun- requires repair skill of 90 or above, Harpoon gun can be made using a spring, 3 fir wood, gut, 4 scrap metal.

The harpoons are craftable, and can be wielded as weapons (like the prybar or hatchet). they can also be used to smash ice.

They have less range than a rifle, but can still kill with a head/neck shot. Requires 2 and a half hours to make.

Fishing trap- a slim, basket like device that can be lowered through an ice hole, and unfolded the other side to make a trap.

can hold two whitefish at a time, or one Coho salmon. requires 8 fir wood, 4 gut, takes an hour to make.

Flagpole- requires cloth, 2 gut and 4 lengths of reclaimed wood, a flagpole can be used as a marker to mark a corpse, a stash kit (getting to that) or just a way point. 15 minutes to make

Stash kit - requires 2 reclaimed wood, leather, 8 cloth and 4 gut, a stash kit is a transportable container that can be buried in any location. have a maximum capacity of 15 kilos, the stash kit reduces degradability of anything stored inside. Any raw meat or cooked meat will attract any wolves that enter a 10m radius, and the will rip it open and consume any food inside. once this happens, any items left will degrade at the rate as if they were dropped on the snow.

Flare-crossbow- essentially the same as the harpoon gun, but is shorter, so takes only 2 fir wood. Fires lit flares (provided they are in inventory) at higher speeds and long ranges. Flare crossbow will deal a small amount of damage (burning and impact) if fired at a wolf. same time to craft as harpoon gun.

Torch- requires cedar wood, cloth and kerosene/accelerant, the torch is a single use lighting tool that has almost as much luminescence as a storm lantern, but will go out in heavy winds. Can be used as an impromptu flare, but is less likely to scare off a wolf, also goes out if left on the ground for more than 20 seconds. takes 10 minutes to craft, lights with a match/fire-striker. Can burn player if dropped and walked over. can be used to start fire if already lit.

let me know what you think.

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