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First I love the game and I'm offering this as a suggestion and definitely not a criticsm to enhance different aspects of the game that already exist so players can have a variety of choices on what strategies they would like to incorporate as a personal challenge to create replayability... the game seems to get a wash/rinse/repeat mode from what I'm reading from long time survivors around chasing deer into wolves and scoring bonus kills with a two for the price of one shot... to me that doesn't seem too real.

I'd like to see an option available in the fire menu that allows for brewing and/or stewing... in a survival mode you would collect pine nuts and pine needles and other foraging supplies to make a brew if not for the healing and health benefits attached... but at the very least to reduce the monotony of drinking water solely for rehydration purposes. Also, you could add herbal tea/coffee grinds as a gathered resource similar to soda and have the option to brew available if you have the necessary supplies...

Also I've read the debate in other threads regarding the calorie per fish return versus the cost to gather and harvest and it would seem to me that stewing would be something you could include in this game without affecting the realism aspect. If one was in a survival mode they would add the bones/heads/skin/fins and such to water to make a fish broth/stock that they would drink for nourishment and warmth. It's not something that burns up the calories such as grilling or roasting meat on an open flame would as you would basically treat it the same as you would to boil water instead you add ingredients such as fish, rabbit, wolf or venison... it's a set it and forget it type of way of cooking and gives you some realism as to what you would do in real life with your fish heads and edible could incorporate a similar approach with your bones from venison/rabbits/wolf... maybe make the option available to grill or stew when cooking with the end result being it takes longer to stew than grill which uses more firewood but pays off with higher calorie return... then it would make it a little more worthwhile to utilize the fish huts and maybe add a little more realism... Also we have a guy up here named Les Stroud "Survivorman" and this is one of the things he does on his show so I give him the credit for the idea :)

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The recipes for stew would be great. Wild leeks (onions) are pretty common, and might stick up through the snow. Cattail roots are also edible. There could even be kelp, or whatever grows under the lake which you might snag while fishing. I'm not sure wild cabbage or carrots would make it long once frozen and usually rot, but those are possibilities too.

Making a stew where you got more calories than the ingredients alone would be neat. It should also cure thirst, since I assume it would require a bit of water.

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