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I really like that game and see that the developers greatly implement the community's ideas. So I'd like to share my thoughts which I noticed during playing the game. They are no big issues, it is just that gameplay would run smoother if some functions changed a bit. It's got to do with the control and the GUI of the menu.

I am missing the pause-key. Instead one has to push the Esc-button.

If I load my last game and open the equipment the choice boxes for both "type" and "sort" are reset to "All" and "alphabetic". I think the settings should be the same when I last left the inventory and game.

It'll be quite handy if one could leave the different menus like harvest or repair easily by clicking RMB.

Harvested and repaired stuff aren't shown in the Log. Why not?

If you go to a already searched container or cabinet and you click on an item you want to put into the cabinet and push and hold the down cursor the marked row is not gonna get down to the next item. You have to push the down cursor repeatedly.

If you transfer an item into a container or cabinet in a higher quantity than just one (e. g. pills, clothes etc.) and you're done with it the cursor jumps up to the first row instead of staying at the same row or, in case you transferred all pieces of that item, the cursor should highlight either the following or the preceding row.

I like the graphic of the menu as it is fairly simple and well arranged. However, the first-aid menu looks a bit different from the other menus. It is because of the wallpaper (naked person and the bag including the cures. I'd suggest to implement a wallpaper to the other menus too.

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