#416 Funky Condition Glitch

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I'm in the process of getting the Beneath a Starry Sky achievement and I noticed a strange bug that happened with my premium winter coat. The constant blizzards (it seems I chose an awful time to go for this achievement :)) had worn down three of my clothing items before I could fix them: my cargo pants, my insulated boots, and the coat. Now the boots and the pants, once their condition reached 0%, the (Ruined) tag was next to them, and all I could really do with them was drop them, as normal, so I went ahead and replaced them. But the coat.. The coat has the (Ruined) tag next to it, but its condition says 50%. I can still even wear it and get the temperature help, but I cannot repair it at all. The condition isn't even dropping past 50%, regardless of the blizzard around me.


Now I have no idea what could have caused it or how I could reproduce it (though tbh I really don't want to try reproducing that right now since I'm going for achievements currently, but I'll try at another time), but it certainly is peculiar.

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