To melt snow IRL


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Now, I live in a place that only gets -7 at the worst so info from here is not totally legit to the game..

.... I watched a youtube about a guy who cut a 16" log in 4 sections stood the 4 on end in the same shape the log used to be. then put his tinder in the middle with a slight spacing of the log. He lit the tinder then slowly closed the 4 sides of the log on top the tinder igniting the log. Then put a pot or whatever on top the log and made coffee. At -5 I tried this with a pot of water and got over a litre of water to boil by the time the log became unstable.

Point of this story. Melting times in this game are in our favour, I'm good with this.


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Sounds like a variation on a Swedish torch using the stack effect. Essentially, you're making a chimney and stand out of your fuel. The hot air is pulled right up through the center, and your pot is right there to transfer the heat via conduction.

Swedish torches are also useful if you're low on firewood as they take longer to burn than the same amount of fuel separated. In my experience anyways.

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