Being Wet


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Now, a number of posts have touched on this but no ones ever really hit it on the nose. Now I've lived in -40 as a child and remember a bit where I'd play out side and be warm and happy. But as soon as I ran in doors for some milk and chocolate I got wet. All the snow that had collected on me became instantly wet as I warmed up and froze as I ran back outside. Also I remember very vaguely a story of war veterans getting shacks to sleep in with fireplaces; it was hell, the shacks only warmed up all the clothing enough to get wet and keep the cill off. Upon exiting the shacks for duty they became instantly frozen. Where their comrades who were left out in the freeze were reasonably well off. (true story, facts correct, details squiffy)

Point of the story. On igniting a fire you should get a bit of a WET modification to some of the clothing forcing you to change them till they chill over or you dry them out. Would make it a thinking mans game for when you collect a number of clothing very quickly. Leaving a coat at the door while you go warm up may be very beneficial.


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