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My name is Jack. On December 8th, 2031, me and my family left to take a trip to Fairbanks. My wife was asleep against my shoulder, and my two boys were across from us. I was thinking about whether or not I left the garage door open, if the dog would be okay at my sisters house, and I remembered looking at the news-something about unusual and potentially dangerous solar activity. Of course I gave it no thought, it was just another hoax perpetrated to turn political favor in the administrations direction. Damn politicians. It happened somewhere over Canada I believe, I looked out my window at the moon and saw lightning strike it. Beautiful I thought... until I realized that thats not possible. Then the sky lit up, lightning was everywhere, and the plane went into a nosedive. Everyone was screaming, and my kids and wife were looking at me for an answer. My wife tried to get to the kids and I tried to stop her, but it was too late. When she undid her seatbelt, the force of the fall pulled her towards the back of the plane and towards the latrine, she was dead when she hit the wall-her skull fractured and splattered all over the wall. I kept creaming at the kids not to lok back, look at my face. I promised them everything would be allright. I lied. I lied and I fuckin knew it, we were all gonna die. I recited the Lords Prayer as we went to the ground.

I woke up hours later, maybe days or weeks. The plane was all around me, as well as blood, entrails, limbs, baggage, bodies, seats, even the damn snack cart was standing straight up like it didnt give two shits. I was still strapped into my seat on a small ledge. I undid my buckle and fell right beside the seat containing my two dead boys. I screamed and cried and cursed for God knows how long. I couldnt stay here, I had to find help. Maybe someone saw us go down.

I traveled for 4 days, to Jackrabbit Island... I battled of a wolf and recuperated from an infection, all while fighting off the cold. I traveled along the railroad, and to the ravine. Day 7, a whole week... a whole fuckin week into the apocalypse. As I stood looking into the ravine from a 400 foot train bridge, I thought of my family. Were they watching me? Were they begging me to fight, or whispering to join them? Noone was coming for me, the locals were either dead or had left. I layed down on the tracks, waiting for nothing. I thought back to my childhood, relived my youth. I knew it would never be the same, so I threw my flare into the ravine and stared at the ethereal glow, it was as if looking into the tunnel to Heaven... Then I smiled, I knew that they wanted me to make it out of this God-forsaken place. As I stood up, I figured I had understood wrong when I slipped on a frozen railroad tie and went over the ledge. The sensation of falling, along with the numbing cold, was somewhat soothing. The ground was coming closer now, but time stood still. I re-experienced my whole life in the air.

So I closed my eyes and smiled, as the ravine pulled me into eternal bliss.

Perhaps that was part of the plan, I landed in the unfrozen pool of water at the beginning of the frozen river without so much as a sprained ankle. I looked behind me, there was that flare, that shimmer of hope in the Valley- or perhaps Ravine- of the Shadow of Death. I picked myself up, and began walking into the darkness without fear. For I knew I was gonna make it out alive...

**Theatrical version of the life I just logged out of until tomorrow. The "Slipped on a frozen railroad tie" was me having pressed sprint after consuming a can of Pork & Beans. I chalk the survival of that fall up to Alpha.

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