Can I trust the shadows?


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  • 3 weeks later...
Fluffy is the dire shebeast that lurks in the darkness at Carter Hydro Dam feasting on the flesh of lesser players.

Fluffy is actually male (contrary to rumors)...

He's actually a very friendly and loving wolf, but gets a little over excited with his puppy kisses and face nibbles when greeting people.

One reason he does seem to have "anger issues" is actually because he was named "Fluffy". His parents thought it was a cute name, but therein was the problem when growing up. He was a young virile wolf, but it was rather hard to impress the ladies once they found out his name was Fluffy...

Because of all the press and media attention after being hired to appear in The Long Dark [as the Lead Dam Wolf], it's been very hard for poor Fluffy to travel out in public. He's too recognizable, and so people seem to scream and get too excited, running around and pointing him out to everybody when he tries to quietly walk the crowded streets.

So in order to get away from the public eye, media, and especially all the paparazzi (or as he calls them, the "Paw Paw Ratzies"), Fluffy often cross dresses to go out in public so he's disguised and can avoid all the media and fans attention. That's most likely reason why some people think he actually is a "she wolf".

Fluffy does have an impressive range of acting talents, including the cross gender performances which you might recognize from some of his previous film and game appearances. That was one of the reasons Hinterland was so pleased to book him for his role in The Long Dark.

Note: Fluffy is still working through the anger issues with regular therapist sessions. He did try having his name legally changed once, but that didn't go so well when he went to great the court judge, and accidentally ate them instead of greeting them - unfortunately that's a common mistake with some wolves (Fluffy is also working on that greeting judgement issue, and so far hasn't eaten his latest therapist).

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That was my initial assumption as well but the official Hinterland twitter smacked me down when I called Fluffy a him: ... 0357264384

I claim coverup by Hinterland (probably so other game studios don't try booking Fluffy away from The Long Dark)... Fluffy is definitely male, and I'll continue to argue the case on every stream...

Yes I know even Fluffy has tried to impress the he was a "she" on his own Twitter page, but again that was mostly to get away from the public hounding due to all the press coverage, media attention, and tabloid articles.

People just never realized why he's been so grumpy, and such a loner living in the dam... He was tired of being ridiculed just because he had a girl's name.

SIDE NOTE: For those old enough to remember the old movie "Old Yeller", you might recognized Fluffy's parents from when they were performers as well: The main wolf scene near the end, Fluffy's mom was the wolf (and his dad did many of the stunt scenes). If you look closely during some closeup shots of the fight, you can see where some of the fur lightener makeup was coming off his dad's fur during the battle sequence.

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