#405 Passing through snow upon exiting car


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In the Coastal Townsite area, there is a blue car in front of (or behind, depending on one's point of view) a house in the corner nearest the path that leads up and away from the road and towards the area with the four small cabins.

I entered the car through the driver's door to see what goodies were inside. I decided to exit the car via the passenger door. When I tried to move away from the vehicle, I phased through the snow and landed on a layer of what sounded like ice. I could see the undersides of houses and cars alike. Props to you guys for even bothering to include an undercarriage on your cars' models!

I have included a screenshot showing the car and the nearby house. I have not tried to replicate this scenario with the other vehicles.


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Guest Alan Lawrance

Thanks for reporting this -- it seems this is due to trying to stick the player to ground on a slope. The player collision is interpenetrating the ground too much, and it slips under the terrain.

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