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Got this game off of the steam sale and i have to say this is a gem. As a canadian who finds himself stuck in the city and enjoys the outdoors, this game is as close as i feel ill get to see some of the great outdoor sites in canada. Ive always wanted to take a bike tour across canada but my future doesn't look promising to get this done. I've always liked survival games but have gotten bored of the gimmiks most are trying to implore (zombies,aliens). I love being canadian because when I identify as a canadian i imagine someone who can brave this type of environment even though myself cant really... Anyways, long story short I already love this game and im excited to see where this game goes. The sandbox mode is amazing, I'm sure the story will be phenomonal but just being a survivor placed into a harsh situation to see how long i can survive is much fun. one last thing i love about this game is the art style/graphics(i guess). Im an art student and after being bombarded with "realism" ive come to grow to love art styles like this ie. faded colours, water colouresque. I'm sure they will even improve down the line (I can imagine some beautiful skyboxes). One thing I can see myself desiring in this game is a warmer environment or seasons. Anyway you take this game can only be up and i hope this game gets the funding it should deserve.

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