v.170 Hotfix is Live!

Raphael van Lierop

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Hotfix v.170 -- Fixes to Struggle UI, Food Poisoning, Weak Ice, and General Bug Fixes

Trivia: This is the 15th Update to The Long Dark since launching on Early Access!

The Long Dark v.170 Changelist:

* Improved Wolf Struggle UI to clarify controls and gameplay effects.

* Improved Weak Ice feedback to avoid players falling through ice without warning.

* Improved various presentation elements on the First Aid interface.

* Food with Condition over 75% will never cause Food Poisoning (excludes Raw Meat and Fish).

* Added new Crow model and animations.

* Fixed issue where Wolves could still attack when players were getting into a vehicle.

* Fixed issue where Antibiotics or Painkillers were added to the wrong item stack in inventory.

* Fixed issues preventing the Outdoor Living achievements from working as intended.

* Fixed issue where cooked Coho Salmon would not be accessible from a container.

* Fixed issue where players could too easily be burned by their own campfire.

* Fixed issue where encumbered voice-over would play after every indoor/outdoor transition.

* Fixed issue with cancelling when harvesting items from a stack.

* Fixed issue where players could walk through the Camp Office exterior when backing into the rear doorway.

* Fixed issue of wallpaper covering the door to one of the Coastal Houses.

* Fixed some collision issues in Coastal Highway.

* Containers will no longer spawn duplicate items.

* Fixed issue where players could not exit the car door they selected.

* Fixed issue where Burn afflictions were not updated immediately when healed in the First Aid screen.

* Quick Slot 1 will never equip a Burned Out Flare.

* Fixed issue where the game would crash when exiting a vehicle.

* Fixed bug where the most serious sub-condition would be shown (ex. Starving vs. Hungry).

* Fixed issue where fallen trees were not affecting pathfinding.

* Fixed issue with player getting stuck at end of railings beside the Dam entrance.

* Removed deprecated Compression bandage from loot tables.


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