Wildlife Despawn?


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So my strategy with hunting has been to find a wolf and a deer, then play matchmaker and push the deer into the wolf's path. Then I go in and shoot the wolf so I can get two for the price of one since bullets are a non-renewable resource. This worked fine before the last patch, but since then I've tried this once.

When I shot the wolf and he ran off injured (which I think is a pretty cool edition) I followed him all the way across Mystery Lake (the lake not the region) and I lost sight of him cuz four legs run faster than two. This was fine at first cuz i could follow the blood trail. But then once i got within about 100 yards of the Lone Cabin, the trail stopped. I searched all over the place--going so far as to walk in to the cabin to save then spent 15 min real time looking all over edge of the map around there. No blood trail and no dead wolf.

Does the trail stop/wolf despawn after he gets a certain distance away from me?

Does all wildlife only exist within a certain radius of the player? In other words, once I move far enough away does all wildlife just reset? Or does his wound stop bleeding after a while and won't die if I didn't hit him in the right spot?

Really I just wana find my kill. So any guesses would be great!

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Does wildlife despawn after you put a certain amount of distance between you and them? I ask because I shot a wolf and it ran off. I followed it as quickly as i could, but the wolf ran much faster than I could. When it got out of sight I had to follow the blood trail. Eventually the blood trail stopped and there was no dead wolf in sight.

So my thinking was either:

A) The wolf despawned cuz i was too far away

B) The shot was not lethal enough and the wolf stopped bleeding and carried on wandering about

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I think there are 3 possibilities here.

1) The wolf was no longer bleeding but still alive and got away. (not sure if this is actually a possibility in TLD)

2) The wolf died but it's carcass disappeared (used to be a bug about carcasses disappearing)

3) The wolf did indeed despawn but that would be a bug as well since wounded animals shouldn't despawn I believe. It would completely destroy the hunting mechanism of following the blood trail if the animals despawn I should think.

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I noticed during a blizzard that the blood trail disappeared almost immediately. Like the snow covered it. I also noticed on an occasion that two dead deer were side by side, each with different degradation. I left them and came back in the morning, and the more degraded of the two was buried. Only it's horns sticking out. Seemed to me these were built to be tied to weather.

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