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I believe that the hinterland team has done a great job with the animals in the game, but I have compiled a concise list to cover my wishes for additions to the game:

~Intelligent AI grouping;

this has been asked for many times for wolves, in the form of wolf packs, but I have yet to see requests for herds of deer (apologies to those who have mentioned but that I have not seen) . I would prefer to see herds of does being led by a stag, as this would be a better representation of natural behaviour (I am aware that the geomagnetic event has caused irregularities in animal behaviour). The occasional lone stag would be good addition too.

~Additional animals;

I would like to see the addition of the North American Beaver, near waterways (it would act as alternative foodsource for wolves and the player)

As well as this, I would like to see predatory birds to manage the rabbit population. They wouldbe killable and harvestable for feathers for use to repair down jackets and to craft a fishing lure.

Squirrels would be interesting, with dreys high up the trees as a safe place, but also at random points the player would find disturbed ground next to the base of a tree. Leaving a snare here would allow you capture a squirrel attempting to access its nut cache, otherwise you could dig up the cache for yourself.

Perhaps a few other animals you guys can suggest?

~Actual active purposes for animals;

What exactly do animals do when the player is not about? I feel that an unalarmed deer should graze when idle, rather than pace, and wolves should play, or howl in groups, they need to have natural purpose. Beavers would feed on trees near watersides, and rabbits should have grazing as well.

~animal resting;

My experience with the animals in TLD is that they are constantly awake. Wolves need to have secret hollows where they sleep, deer need clearings where the herd lays down to rest, the rabbits need burrows, the beavers need dams and the birds need physical roosts.

Anyway, I'd like to open the discussion to everyone, and see what you people think

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In addition to all of this, I would like to see the birds not only circle corpses, but also drop down and peck at the body, scattering in panic when the player approaches, cawing. As I mentioned in the list, I do think that raptors, such as falcons and eagles should also be included, as their silhouettes in the sky, circling high overhead , would add to the bleak beauty of the game.

For that matter, seagulls and other seabirds should be present at the coastal highway region. perhaps some more marine based wildlife should be included , such as seals, and perhaps as an easter egg, in the sea in the distance you could have killer whales occasionally appearing amidst the waves.

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There are some more species from Canadian wildlife which could be included in TLD such as Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus).


The Ruffed Grouse is common throughout most of Canada. It does not migrate and, once established, lives all its life within a few hectares. It is adapted to a life in hardwood bush and forest.

It would be very interesting that snares could be useful to catch diferent preys, in adition to rabbits. Besides, Ruffed Grouse might be a supply of feathers, in case we could use them to repair coats in future updates.

As you can see in the next link, this species is very well adapted to face the Canadian winter:


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Nice one, I really quite like the idea of the ruffed grouse.

I'd like to make sure that the game does not get too busy, and it should retain its stark beauty of the frozen wilderness, but I think that the ecosystem, even in winter, should be as natural and realistic as is feasible. as it has been said many times before, it's the little details that make this game so great.

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Thanks EternityTide!

Regarding your idea of predatory birds, I have attached this link of "The owl fundation" from Canada:


If we have a look at that list, it would be possible to find cadidates for inhabiting TLD nights. Not only does this website describe the aspect of different canadian owl species and their behaviour but also give examples of their vocalizations (some of them are impressive). One or two species of canadian owls would add charm, mystery and magic to the winter nights. Owl's songs might be a fantastic combination with wolves howling!

Do you think it's a good idea or it may be too in-depth for this game?

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Love the detail in this suggestion! Another thing to have is random spawn points for the animals as well as free roaming around the map. It does feel artificial when the same few wolves are always around a certain house. I understand the idea for wolves guarding good loot but the wolves themselves have no real purpose to be there. (Besides from a game mechanic view ;) ) It would make more sense for the wolves to follow after deer spawns. Definitely make for an interesting few weeks if some deer decide to make home beside yours and the wolves follow close after.

Another behavior mechanic I'd like to see is wolves stalking. A survivor at 100% should generally keep most wolves at bay. Not worth the risk to attack but they might still watch from afar. Going to the same fishing hut day after day to see one watching but not approaching. Now the lower your condition gets, the wolves would get closer. That same wolf you saw days before on the cliff might be near the edge of the ice instead, safely testing the boundaries for how close he's able to get to a potential meal. As end game is setting in and you're running out of supplies and struggling with a 50% condition from starvation or cold, the pressure really sets seeing that wolf growing bolder and following close at your heels.

Mechanically I don't know if this is possible but I know it would give a lot of character to the biggest threat in the game thus far.

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I wonder if the deer/wolf spawns follow predator prey patterns or not. It would be interesting to implement.

The more wolves there are, the Deer population dwindles. Lack of food causes many wolves to starve, wolf population plummets. Now lacking major predation, deer population skyrockets. Wolf population begins to lift up again now that prey is plentiful. Wolves begin to overpopulate region again, deer population decreases again, and so on and so on.

all of this would occur across a 100 day cycle maybe?

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I like that idea. Really adds some more depth to the game! Just imagine it with more species of animals (Mice, badgers, fox, cougars, snakes, pheasant, ducks, skunks, squirrels, raccoons.) and you get a very real ecosystem. Not to mention if edible plant life gets added, it would give the prey animals places to migrate between.

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