crash on entering house


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Started new Coastal Highway sandbox.

I spawned at Rockfall (southeast on the map)

Searched: car on the bridge, fishing hut on way to rabbit island, rabbit island house, two huts on the way to fishing camp, then I opened the door of the most left (west) of the 3 small houses by the water of fishing camp and the game crashed.

I didn't do or noticed anything special compared to other games I started. I did loot 2 cloth and 3 fishing lines on that first run, no tools or weapon.

Not sure if my video drivers are up to date, will do that now :)

First crash in 11 hours of play.

Crash report is in the attachment.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Thanks for the details on this -- it indeed does look like a video driver related crash. Updating your drivers should fix the issue.

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