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9 things:

1.Very enjoyable game.Hope you continue working hard on it.

2.Starting a campfire uses magic wood(5-6 logs) even when you are starting it with only 1 reclaimed wood.The visual representation should at least be the wood type you are using to start the fire + some twigs.There are only 4 types of wood anyway.Adding to fire should also show the wood added(not important when using stoves)

3.Cooking equipment.What the hell is he/she using to cook the meat ? (there some cooking pans on some of the stoves, but outside I need a little more than just a menu to see that I´m cooking)

4.Caloric and water loss while sleeping should be dependant of the temperature of the sleeping area, which also means that indoor fire burning should also make the whole house warmer for longer periods of time, especially the actual houses in The Coastal Highway map as they have actual fireplaces which are designed to warm the whole house.It makes sense that hunger and thirst go up faster when it´s constantly 3-4 C while you sleep(as it is now).

5.I have a huge problem with the clothing degradation system.Clothes shouldn´t degrade out of existence, but they should have a high chance of tearing from certain activities(wolf attack, running for long periods of time etc).After a certain amount of tears(if you don´t repair your items), only then it should degrade into a 0 % item, which has a small base warmth bonus.

6.Cloth of different sizes or just more yield, so you don´t fix a toque with a single cloth from a heavy sweater.

7.Repairing knives and hatchets with scrap metal.Should be a new item to craft from scrap - a sharpener, that you can use on those to fix their condition.Degradation should be slower in general on these too.

8.Snowshoes for faster hill climbing.

9.Already mentioned a lot here, but..

Running causes sweating, more fatigue, caloric loss.Stopping while sweating causes more freezing, which means you need fire fast.No need for complicated wet clothes system though.

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