Food Poisoning....the silent killer


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I was hungry. Very hungry. I had just got through my last can of pork and beans. My dances with death so far had been in my favor. That can was none too fresh and I still felt pretty good. But I needed food. Thoughts of freshly grilled steak only served to increase my desire for something that didn't come out of a can that had expired five years ago.

It was near white out. Did it matter? No. I had no food left. I needed something. I knew deer pranced along the ice of Mystery lake. I had six shots left in my rifle. I could run out, shoot one, and run back before the cold took me.

I crouched on the little island nearest the lake cabins. I had a good view all around. Sure enough, a buck came bounding across the ice to the north. Slowly he came closer. I raised the rifle to my eye and sighted him. I fired. I know I hit him, yet he still bounded off. The chase was on. I ran out after him as he darted back and forth. I shot again. And again. This buck was a monster, taking shot after shot. Finally he ran perpendicular to me, and I put a round just under his ear.

I'd like to say I ran over and started tearing chunks off him with my teeth. I was certainly hungry enough. But I also wanted a hot meal. I sliced off a few pounds of meat and headed towards the north fishing hut where I had stashed some fire building supplies. In short order, a roaring fire was in the furnace and the smell of the sizzling venison was wafting through the air.

I ate. It tasted excellent. Freshly cooked 100% clean venison. And I got food poisoning, and in my panic forgot I was in the middle of a raging blizzard, laid down to rest, and died.

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