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Fatigue now is almost a non-factor most of the time, you can just run around willy-nilly. If I race fifty yards through the snow, I should look at the fatigue bar and see a noticable difference. The only time you should be running really is to get away from a wolf or to race to shelter when a snowstorm suddenly whips up. Having to walk everywhere also makes the game world seem bigger.

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Fatigue needs overhaul, if it should be realistic.

When you run around trough woods with full backpack:

-first of all you can went out of breath (sort of a sprint meter in most of the games)

-second - if you are in warm clothes, doesnt matter how cold it is outside, you start overheating, sweating, losing more calories and water

- exhaustion doesnt necessary mean that after a long run you are just kinda sleepy. Your legs and back (remember backpack) tend to hurt

-maybe youll got feet bruises if you dont have properly fitting shoes

- let us remember that just walking through high snow in full gear is extremely exhausting, not even running

All this could mean that such an extreme activity doesnt only make you tired, it literary decreases your overall condition. Maybe its an extreme idea but how about this - when you run too much your condition starts decreasing directly based on some calculation. Or maybe we need some new bar thingy to deal with fast movement... Separate condition for every body part? Maybe too much. This is really a stuff that needs tons of research.

I am pretty sure devs are trying to work this out, because they know this is a major part of a game. It needs ballancing and testing.

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I agree that you can run way to much in the game, but I also think walking takes too much real life time. An idea suggested a while ago was to have the time acceleration speed up when you keep the move button pressed. Couple that with less running and that may be a good solution I think. Running will increase fatigue much faster but walking doesn't take much more real life time than running does now while still taking more game time.

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