Melted snow this weekend...


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Not only does it take a while to melt snow on a wood stove, but you don't get very much water from it unless you keep adding and adding. Pretty sure you can melt snow faster in this game and boil it faster than you can for real.

Outside temp a was a blistering 5 F. Also the wind through the trees sounds just like this game. The only problem is, the cold feels cold! This is a realism factor that must be added to this game! :mrgreen:

In watching the wood stove fire dance in the dark on Saturday night, I was thinking I really wish I could get my stove to burn for 8 hours like I can in this game by just adding a ton of wood!!! That would be so convenient... Especially when you wake up at 5:30 AM and the cabin is getting cold because the fire it out. 49 F, but I guess that is still better than near 0 like it was outside.

Note my cabin doesn't feel any warmer inside than the outside temp when you first arrive so feeling warmer indoors is only a matter of no windchill factor in most of these places. However, the cabin will maintain a decent amount of heat long after the wood stove has gone out.

I have decided that it is no fun to be out in the middle of nowhere in this kind of weather, cabin or no cabin. The way this game is shaping up is decidedly hitting the mark properly. I would like to thank the Dev's for their work on this!!!


PS. After experiencing the bitter cold for real, I have decided to close the place down for the winter!!! :D If any of my equipment failed out there, no one is coming for you and it would be disastrous. I'll wait for warmer weather!

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I make it a point to go winter camping every year. If for no other reason than to remind me just how damned lucky I am to have a heated apartment to live in.

I usually tent camp. One night it snowed a decent amount. My tent was toasty warm just from my body heat and the impromptu igloo formed by the snow. Getting out through the snow, however, not so much fun.

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I cited a study on this too and yeah it does take a while to melt it doesnt it. Not only that but the mechanic we have where this snow instantly appears is a bit too simple for my tastes too.. Snow as a solid has weight and bulk. 20lbs of snow don't fit in a small space at all, 20lbs of ice does and about 20lbs of ice is maybe almost 20lbs of water when melted down. Thing about melting ice is its very inefficient to do that but more efficient than melting snow. It just takes a lot of heat, and alot of time. I think it should cost more time to melt it than it does at present.

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