First "Silent Hunter" Ever! (on Steam)


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Hi Guys!

I'm not one to boast, normally... but I have been enjoying this game ever since I bought it!

As soon as I bought the game I looked into the achievements, and noticed no one had achieved a couple of them yet. So I made it a personal goal to be the first! Now i don't have all of them, only 10/13. Still missing "Exploration Game", "Waste Not, Want Not", and "Beneath a Starry Sky". I set out with a little to much on my plate, never having played the game and trying to survive without killing animals and no rifle lol. A few deaths later and I had a rhythm down, avoiding all wolves unless I wanted them to kill a deer for me. Now I am proud to say I am the first to get the achievement "Silent Hunter".




Anyone want to race me to get "Exploration Game", or "Waste Not, Want Not"?

Also who was first to get "Ready for when the SHTF!"?

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