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When I want to go up to Mystery Lake, I leave my base (Log Sort or Jackrabbit Island) in the morning, making my way up to the trailer halfway up the mountain. In the trailer I sleep until around 14 hours also getting my temperature back as much as possible. This way, I have the best chance of getting around those wolves as I have time to maneuverer around them or simply wait them out.

Exiting the trailer, I go up the road. Past the first bend I usually see the wolves coming down from the next bend towards me. Near the bridge they will get off the road and go down the hill. After they are out of sight, I simply continue on my way. Another way is to go left when you exit the trailer and follow the passage underneath the bridge. This way you can get to the other side of the bridge and past the wolves if they are down the road far enough. This is also a backup option if they spot you on the road. Go back down the road and under the bridge and you'll be behind them.

I never wasted flares or bullets on these wolves. That said, last time I passed them was in v.156 so maybe it is harder now.

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