Disappearing Fire (Fixed in v0.2)

Bill Tarling

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Not really a bug -- just something that may or may not need to be corrected.

I build a fire right outside one of the cabin doorways, and I drop some items beside the fire [haven't tried dropping items in the fire yet -- dropping, not fueling].

4+ hours for fire to burn. Immediately I enter building door. Once inside I immediately turn around and exit.

As soon as exit, everything is gone [fire, wood drop pile, other inventory, etc] -- even though only a minute or so game clock time had gone by.

Might be an issue if somebody clicks to enter another area without realizing they lose everything.

e.g. Start fire with last of kindling -- realize forgot to pick up the food inside the building -- go in get food, come back out and everything gone immediately.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Yes, this is a bug. Gear and things like fires should be persistent across scene loads (and were last time I tested!). We also account for the simulation time when reloading the new scene... so if you stay inside for 2 hours, we account for that elapsed time in the fire state, gear condition, etc.

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