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I'm sure you guys are already working on this, but we need some reason to skin. So far the only use that I know of for leather is to repair boots.

So my couple of ideas were:

Be able to craft outer garments (underwear made from leather would be pretty uncomfortable I think) like jacket, pants, boots and maybe mittens. These could maybe be best in slot and repairable by... more leather.

Instead of 'pelts' from rabbits, just make it, say, 1 leather. Keep it simple. Along the same lines of keeping it simple, maybe just one type of wood that's used for all purposes, crafting, burning, repairing.

Ah what the hell since I'm here, here's some other ideas floating in my head:

As well as foragable leather and wood, maybe scrap metal, but only in the near vicinity of things like train carriages, limited amounts inside buildings etc.

A mode of play along the lines of the movie 'the road'. For that it would be ideal to have randomly generated maps, don't have to be as big as the current ones, but entry and exit points for when you clean out an area and need to move on. Random encounters, including with other NPC's that may try to rob you, or want to trade or even need help.

That's enough for now, the game is nice and has lots of potential, I love how you've introduced cars too, I wondered where they were lol.

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