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I just started playing, so my list is short.

1) A starter map. If I'm flying over the area, I would have an aviation map that would give me a basic layout of the area. e.g lake here, mountains there. river here.

2) As I progress through the map, the named places get "written in."

3) I want to make fire wood out of all those little boxes in the lake cabins. There are small, and in the real world I'd break them up in a minute for fire wood. All the furniture too.

4) Salvage blankets from the beds.

5) Be able to get into a bed or bedroll for warmth without sleeping.

6) In the sequel, I'd like to start on a beach. Someplace not cold. I hate cold.

In my dream game, I could interact with everything in the world and deconstruct it. That includes setting fire to an entire cabin or covering myself in three blanket, or breaking apart all the furniture for fire wood. Maybe in the next game. :D

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1 + 2) Your map was burned in the crash. "Drawing" a map while exploring the area will be added at some point.

3) This is what happens when you forage inside for reclaimed wood. It's just not represented visually in game. Hopefully this gets added.

4) Mainly a balance issue. Being able to salvage all those blankets would give you way too much cloth.

5) That would be nice, but I'd settle for beds providing warmth when sleeping...

6) You'll have to wait for the 3rd episode as the 2nd episode will be in the spring. As for the beach, I don't know how much distance gets traveled in each episode, but I doubt we will make it from the mountains to the beach before summer.

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