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First off, the game is amazing. We all know that.

Secondly, I have no idea what others have suggested or what the devs are planning.

With that in mind, for good or ill, here's my list of ideas.

1, Customization for Sandbox mode. Obviously have a default mode, but have the option to choose spawn frequency for loot and wolves, pick the severity and harshness of the environment (frequency of storms, temperature drops) and the ability to switch certain features on/off. I think it would help add longevity to the mode.

2, The ability to travel to other maps in Sandbox mode. That said you'd need enough supplies to make the journey and (possibly) need to make a cart to take them. Which in turn would require material and skill to craft (see below) thus meaning you have to work for it. Again, would add to the lifespan of the mode.

3, Expanded crafting. I'm sure this is in the works but more items to craft (like the cart) and a craft skill similar to the repair skill.

4, Deeper skill development. Fairly standard skill sets, intelligence (covers repair, crafting etc) endurance (dictates ability to with stand the elements ans how much you can carry). Skills developed by experience of performing the tasks they govern. Basically a streamlined version of what Fallout has.

5, Sanity/Morale. It's hard when your struggling to survive in the wilderness. In the quieter times keeping the brain active is a must. You could scavenge puzzles for example which you could complete via a 'mini game' (awful term) with keep your mind focus and can boost stats. Failure to keep your sanity (or morale) up could lead to depression (ultimately suicide) and horrible mistake with potentially fatal out comes. Another way to boost morale/sanity would be positive interaction with friendly NPCs (not that I'd particularly care for them) or a.....

6, Dog companion. It would need to be tamed and requires food, warmth and care, but in turn can help scavenge, spot danger and help protect you from attack.

7, If and when NPCs are a thing then a karma system would be interesting (along the lines of This War Of Mine) so the react different to you depending on your actions.

8, More weapons (again, I guess this will probably happen) but I'd like to see Bow and Arrows (Craftable and lootable) and hand guns.

I'm sure whatever the devs do it will turn out incredible, I just think these additions would add to the experience as well. I'd like to know what people think about them and maybe add/develop them as well.

Anyways, if you've read this far, thanks, it wasn't a total waste.

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My opinions, as was asked for:

1) If they are going to call it sandbox for the long term, then yea. Sandbox implies creation of things, not just exploration, but some customization of options would probably cover it. Otherwise, open world exploration should remain as is with tweaking as updates continue.

2) Do you mean something like quicktravel? Because you can already move between maps, you just have to find the zone point.

3) I'd personally like the ability to be able to make clothing. Not immediately, you'd have to get the tools and mats for it first, and maybe raise skill for it.

4) I agree with deeper skill development (though the simple system we have is nice for the alpha and testing phases). I just don't want to see dozens of skills being thrown in.

5) I know where you're going with this.....and I've watched Les Stroud come near losing it during his eps to understand the idea of it (my favorite 'Les went insane' moment: raft on the ocean, talking to a fly). But I don't see it working in this particular game. The gametime moves too quickly and you're always doing something in game already to keep your sanity in check.

6) Yea I wouldn't mind a Dogmeat. But its health/cold/hunger/thirst would need to decrease at the same rate as yours to make it harder to balance the benefits (could kill rabbits, tackle deer, keep wolves away maybe probably not).

7) Ehhhh maybe. Personally, if NPCs are implemented, I hope they are few and far between.

8) Bow and arrow is a must, the rest is meh. Though I would like to know why I can't use my prybar to chip through the ice.......

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Wow, did not know about the quick travel, really new to the game as you can tell.

Definitely agree with the few and far between thing with NPCs, personally I'd prefer a solo experience.

I admit the balancing would be tough with a dog, just thought I could be a cool idea, and yeah never thought about the uselessness of the prybar haha.

The sanity thing I admit wasn't massively thought through, I'm no game designer so unaware of the complexities of making it work, just thought another had to deal with would add to the predicament.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  • 3 months later...

Sorry to resurrect old conversations but I'm fairly new here and would like to contribute my feedback as much as possible.

Related to item #5 in the original post above: I really like the idea of adding a 5th condition meter called morale. It could be tricky to implement properly but I like the idea that certain foods and experiences could impact how your character is doing emotionally. Of all the meters I think morale should have the least immediate impact on whether or not the character survives. I also think changes to this meter would be applied more slowly than all the other meters as well. Given the nature of the game, morale would likely be low more often than not and only after being extremely low for an extremely long time should morale have any lasting or fatal impact on the character (if at all)

I always think about this idea when I pick up a can of dog food in game. Sure I'm sustaining myself but as a human I'm also thinking - "Wow... I'm eating dog food. Am I gonna make it?" Certain foods like dog food could give you a negative hit to morale. Each time you encounter a dead body you could take a hit to morale. Long periods of bad weather with no sunshine could impact your morale as well. (Just a few ideas)

Conversely, finding comparatively enjoyable food sources or enjoying a day of sunshine could boost morale. At the end of the day the big question for the devs would probably be "To what end?" That I'm not yet sure of. It could be a purely cosmetic addition in such a way that positive morale makes it so the phrases your character utters are more upbeat while negative morale makes it so the phrases he/she utters are more pessimistic. Alternatively, most of us know how feeling good mentally helps us feel good physically. You could give a very small boost to movement speed or reaction time (aiming the rifle) etc when morale is exceptionally high.

Specifics of implementation would be key but I think it is a very cool idea.

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5) Morale is INCREDIBLY important in wilderness survival. The "will to survive" makes up a large percentage of your actual survival chances. Maybe have some books to read, a dog to play with, or a journal to write in?

7) NPCS ARE going to be implemented, at least in story mode, from what I have read. And, human social interaction is ALSO important in wilderness survival. "Solo survival" is EXTREMELY difficult not only because you have to do everything yourself, but you also start to degrade mentally without actual socialization after a while: ala Wilson in Cast Away. Case in point: as an experiment, and to test my own survival skills, I spent 2 weeks hiking the "100 Mile WIlderness" in Maine. After a few days, I was talking to myself to drown out the silence, and I actually cannot remember what happened between days 5 and 10. I went kinda crazy, being alone. When I stumbled across a hiker, I actually burst into tears, I was so happy to see another person (and freaked him out! xD).

8) I would rather see a spear and a pair of bolas than a bow and arrow. As someone who has made bows and arrows in real life, they are actually REALLY hard and time consuming to make, to the point where they are not condusive to being made in a survival situation. Spears are easier to make and use, as are bolas, and work EXTREMELY well together. For those of you not in the know, bolas are 3 weights tied together that wrap around an animals legs when thrown, tripping them up. You then walk up to the trapped animal and stab it with the spear. I've taken birds on the wing with a pair of bolas.

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My opinion, as asked for:

1, Customization for Sandbox mode.

+ 1

This would be great.

2, The ability to travel to other maps in Sandbox mode.

Already in the game.

3, Expanded crafting.

Not sure about this. I cherish how "crisp" TLD is, both in art style and in game design. Too many skills, crafting possibilities etc. might spoil it.

4, Deeper skill development.

See above.

5, Sanity/Morale.


Absolutely support it. Has been suggested many times, but may be difficult to integrate into the overall game design. Let's see if it comes...

6, Dog companion.

Not sure, but this might actually be cool. One would probably get really attached to the dog in absence of other survivors to communicate with. Would be hard to lose it to hunger, wolves or the like. Could add enjoyment as well as drama.

7, If and when NPCs are a thing then a karma system would be interesting (along the lines of This War Of Mine) so the react different to you depending on your actions.

Hmmm... there would likely be too few other survivors for word to spread of your deeds. I would rather have the devs concentrate on other aspects.

8, More weapons (again, I guess this will probably happen) but I'd like to see Bow and Arrows (Craftable and lootable) and hand guns.

Bow and arrows no, as that would devaluate finding the rifle and ammunition. Also, this would likely allow survival forever, which I am against, as it would take away the atmosphere of running eventually out of everything. And lastly, I find it unrealistic for the protagonist to be able to make a useful bow and arrow in the given situation. As one other player has noted correctly in this thread, it is very hard to craft a useful bow and arrows.

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