Hunting Trip Gone Wrong


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With my life settled down in the coastal townsite, I was mainly running around looting houses and bringing them back to my house. Well, a blizzard hit and I was stuck inside for three straight days. With no food left, and six rounds of ammunition, I decided to go for a little hunting trip in the Mystery Lake area.

I took a one day trip and killed two wolves, and braved the night outside. I found lots of ammunition and food around where I was set up (somewhere by deadfall), it was a bountiful trip. I felt like I was king of the world! Hauling the dead corpses of my kills, I decided to go home to drop off my loot.

I had just passed the Derailment on the train tracks when I saw a wolf poke his head over a hill. "I'd rather not deal with you right now," I thought, so I turned the other way to run, but another wolf was sat behind me sizing me up. With no other choice, I pulled out a flare to scare off the pest. Ignoring the flare, the wolf jumped me and started tearing me up. I stabbed it with my hunting knife five times before it died. Before I could get to my feet, the next wolf attacked next. With only 36 condition left, I died before I could even land a blow on him.

I died on the fifteenth day of survival, on my fourth run ever. This game is so freaking amazing! Just when you think you've got it all set for a straight fifty day run, it throws you a nice curve ball. Keep up the good work Hinterland! :D

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