Wolves and fire


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Not sure if the fire was lit before the wolf showed up or not, but it might be same reason as with flares:

Has a chance to fend off/scare wolves unless wolf is within fight or light radius OR if wolf is already in charge/attack mode.

The fire was started as the wolf was near and had spotted me (barking occured, scary stuff..). Still doesn't explain how he can have his face in the fire without any problem. Just think it should be something to think about (for instance if a wolf runs through the camp fire if chasing and so on).

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I once started a fire next to the workbench outside the fishing cabin for warmth while crafting. After 2 hours a wolf passed by and noticed me. He went into attack mode, but either couldn't get past the workbench or didn't dare pass the fire, but it stayed there for 8 more hours (was crafting a lot of snares) running back and forth. I kept the fire burning the whole time.

I didn't really mind since he couldn't get to me, but when the time came to get out of there the wolf was still there. I crossed the snow dune to the ice, where the wolf couldn't follow me and was running to the house on Jackrabbit island, already almost at the island, when I heard running paws behind me. The wolf was still in attack mode and charged me all the way even though it couldn't have seen me while I was behind the rocks extending into the water.

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