Deers dont die


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I'm not entirely certain but I believe only headshots insta-kill right now.

Did you follow the deer after you shot it? If you hit it, it will eventually bleed out and fall. You can even follow the blood trails now! It's actually a really cool feature.

Anyways, try that first and if it still refuses to die, post it as a bug with full documentation (that's what I'd do, anyways).

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This is a well implemented feature.

Just like IRL, when you shot an animal pretty much anywhere but head, they tend to panic and run away in rush of adrenaline, leaving blood trail behind. In TLD they dont run too far away. In real life wounded deer can run more than 500 meters (based on my fathers hunting experiences). Eventually the shock causes them to collapse and die.

You can follow the blood trail or - in TLD - they die if you shoot em twice, but that seems like a waste of precious bullet to me.

Hell, IRL you can even contaminate meat with lead if you use too much bullets! (But new, higher priced types of hunting ammo are leadless)

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