#390 Wolves running against wall of fishing house


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I have witnessed two weird phenomenons:

- the fishing house between the two islands in coastal highway seems to be right on the patrol path of wolves, so much that sometimes while you are in it fishing or cooking, you can start to hear the sound of a wolf running. The wolf has apparently noticed me while I was inside the fishing house and is running against the wall of the house, which is silly. The wolf attacks me as soon as I exit the house. Once this even happened to me with two wolves running against the house.

- I was in the same fishing house and noticed (by looking through the door) a wolf no so far away. I wanted to wait for it to pass but it sat down and waited there not moving for a long time so I eventually moved a little bit outside of the house, it noticed me and started to run at me, I moved a little bit back to get inside the house. When the wolf got to the house, it was ready to attack me but instead went on the side of the house and started running against the wall of the house.

Maybe the wolves should not notice you when you are inside a fishing house?

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