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Toilet water salvage & getting water from hot water heaters

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As is fairly common knowledge, it is the toilet tank and not the bowl which can have the potable (usually) water in it.  I'd like to request that the interactable portion of the toilet be the tank; not the bowl.  Additionally, I'd like to add Hot Water Heaters as a major source of water (when they are located in structure interiors with an ambient temperature above freezing OC).

On the subject of toilet bowls.. perhaps some water might be available from this source too, but could be tagged as both [non-potable] and [possibly contaminated] giving it a higher risk roll for dysentery?

On the subject of different values for dysentery risk rolls.  If potable water has a dysentery risk value of 0, water collected from less risky sources like melting snow and waterfalls :) could have (the standard) non-potable value of [1].  Water from the reservoir tanks of toilets or hot water heaters :) could have a non-potable value of 1.5.  Water taken from a toilet bowl could have a value of 2 or 3.  This higher risk-value water would need to be kept separate from other NP water lest it taint any previously collected non-potable water already in a particular container.  Since I'm really only guessing how risk rolls work, hopefully you get the general concept.

I can see now how the simplification of the system mechanics might be preferable over a complex system where  player confusion over "the history" of the various types of water they've collected could have disastrous consequences.

Perhaps, once the water collection & management system is developed further in the game, players would be discouraged from taking an inordinate amount of water (from heater tanks holding upwards of 40+ gallons) because they'd need to provide appropriate containers themselves.  A 5-gallon jerry Jug (JJ) could be added for storing or transporting large quantities of water, but could only be transported in-hand once a certain amount of water was in it (>2 gallons?).  Picking up or adding a JJ to one's inventory containing +X amount of water in it could render a player immobile.  They would have to either select it from the radial menu or choose "transport" or similar from the item HUD which would then permit walking with one hand slot occupied.  Furthermore, if 2 hand slot functionality is ever implemented, it might be possible to walk while carrying a JJ and a revolver.. but aiming might well be difficult?

Out of all of this, I think I'd be satisfied if the interaction portion of a toilet were to be simply moved from the bowl to the tank, and toilets without a tank (such as those found in Carter Dam) were to have no salvageable water.  However, I wouldn't be disappointed if the system for water collecting and management were to become more complex following the addition of waterfalls and hot water heaters (and toilet bowls?) to the list of potential sources of water.

Thanks for your time.


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I wouldn't like drinking from either the Bowl or the Tank, but I see what you are thinking here. :P

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