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So, I salvaged a toolcart and found some spraypaint, couldn't help it...

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I ended up 3d printing some stencils and had myself a go. Still have the files too. Yeah yeah I know the trees aren't exact.
This actually started life as an air-conditioning refrigerant recycling system. in the 90's. Overtime since the chemical itself changed, it was outdated and abandoned. Still have the panel and the gauges I took out. Essentially I turned it into a toolcart and added a bit of lettering to make it less plain. However I did want to keep the worn, faded red paint. 



Mind the mess, still cleaning the basement... So much has to go.

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Awesome! Have you considered distressing the lettering?



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Hey so update, like almost a year later it went from tool cart ( i now have two much better ones) to a sort of electrical "test bench", a one-of-a-kind, handmade one that can be used for testing all sorts of small electronics. The high voltage side is not currently wired up to anything, but this is looking more like something that might have been made by a carter maintenance worker. Yes, the dials do actually readout!

I do actually like how i accidentally picked a messed up lamp for the main power switch. The green bulb flickers softly, and is only half as bright as the red indicators. there's also a little bleedthrough between the red bulbs, which means the switch is probably gonna go soon. 

This is actually used for testing little things, too. mostly my other hobby involving electric motors and foam darts...

Otherwise, it's essentially a great power bar that can all be turned off with one switch, like a mobile control panel. I also store project parts in the bottom.
The white panels came from scrapped washer/dryers, i cut them with an air tool and riveted them on in place. 

All i need now is a map of mystery lake and the set will be complete, Hah.


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