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Falling off a climbing rope and living...

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So I started my first game since Ranger came out and in it I experienced a first for me. Falling off a climbing rope near the top...

Let me explain. I started a Custom mode, a mix of Interloper weather with Stalker animal settings minus having less wolves like in Interloper and Stalker loot levels. I started near the pleasant valley Aspen forest and looted the barn, the farm house, and the weather station. I got responsibly geared with a, Hacksaw, Hatchet, Crowbar, and very lucky with clothing finding a fisherman pea, hoodie, 2x pairs of thermal underwear, down vest, climbing socks, baseball cap, improvised cloth hat, work gloves, and Mukluk boots, but no Bed Roll. With all this in mind and a couple days worth of food, I said YOLO and went to summit TWM straight away. Made it there easily by day 3 and started my climb. I take the long way around the right side of map as I am the most comfortable going that way. I slept at the Mountaineers Hut and left in the AM. Climbed the first rope and ducked into the near by cave to warm up, rest in a snow shelter, and drink some warm coffee before leaving again. I made my long trek to the next rope before the transition cave to the other side of the mountain and this is were I made a gamble, as I wanted to take  a warming break in the cave; as I was already beginning Hypothermia risk. I drank the reaming 2 coffees I had and attempted the climb. I almost crested the top of the climbing rope but slipped down catching myself. I tried one last time, slipped... and fell. I came to at the bottom of the rope with somewhere around 5% condition, I honestly didn't look as I was in crisis mode, I used an emergency stim. I quickly bandaged up run back a ways to flat land to check where I can place a snow shelter, started a fire with accelerate and all the wood I had, totaling 8h of fire time. I then started constructing a snow shelter to sleep in. I managed to complete with 2% condition left and get inside and sleep with 1%. I awoke with about 45% condition. I quickly made it up the rope this time and into the cave, up the big rope to the summit where I made it in the plane with about 18% condition and started a fire and looted the whole place, while making more coffee and drinking about 4 as I made them. Managed to get to about feels like -3 C with all the good gear and descended to the Hut on the left side now goating my way down following the river, and of course in a head wind. Made it to the Hut and drank a Herbal Tea and some Birch Bark Tea and went to bed, surviving the summiting of TWM on Day 4. 

That had to be my most harrowing and fun time summiting TWM

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