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Not sure... did you just reset all interiors of FishingCabinD?

Here's what happened:

In cabin at -495.3, 100.1, 1101.4 in coastal region (I don't recall the interior area tag of the cabin)

My MO is to gather and move all items from Mystery Lake to my house of choice in Coastal. Utilizing this cabin locale as a stop off.

I had everything form Lake moved into this cabin strewn about the floor in piles and was packing it bit by bit into my new home sweet home.

I stepped out of the cabin and was met by a wolf. I turned and hit the door, making it in just in time.

All my piles of loot were gone and the interior was entirely different. :shock:

Interior tag is FISHINGCABIND.

I plopped a newsprint roll on the floor and headed out to all of the fishing type cabins at Rabbit Grove, Fishing Camp, and near Bear Creek Campground. I was thinking it was a miss-linked area transition that was erroneously putting me into some other cabin (even though several in and outs to this cabin previously worked).

That's when I noticed cabins I had searched earlier had unsearched containers. Containers nearby in (Bear Creek are empty). Yet by the same token, other buildings that had been searched show empty containers.

At any rate, my search was to no avail. None of them had the newsprint roll I placed as a marker (unless of course you have some hidden FishingCabinD I linked too).

All that stuff... Gone in an instant!

It's like an episode of "Outer Limits".

I guess I'll heads back to Mystery Lake to see if those building containers are full again... turn this loss into a win. Doubtful as searched trailers are still searched, even though the cabins appear to have been reset.

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Verified it was a FISHINGCABIND reset.

I went back to Mystery Lake. One of the cabins there is now a FISHINGCABIND (complete with lockers by the bunk). The building containers were unsearched.

I started the erroneous session form a save within the cabin, goods at my feet, I picked up what I could carry and (read above event).

Exiting was somehow a normal transition out from a place that existed, whereupon the new transition leading in took effect, bringing me to the "remodeled" interior.

Given the stockpile of ammo and goodies lost, I will curl into the fetal position and gently rock for a moment... and then get back to the flay.

So, if you have already searched these places, go back. You'll get some extra loot.

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Sounds like it may have been an issue with an old save game conflicting. The interiors should all be unique instances so when you exit and go back everything should be as when you left it. Let us know if this happens again.

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