Skipping harvesting process skips everything


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One of the new features of the latest update was "Players can now press ESC to interrupt all in-progress Harvesting, Repair, and Crafting actions."

SO, recently I harvested 8 newspapers (to get tinder plugs). When the process was at newspaper 7/8 I pressed ESC, because of my bad condition. This aborded everything, so that all the newspapers were "back" again and no tinder was created at all.

So I wondered: What did my character do the last 2 hours? :?

Would be cool, if you could fix that ... Thx!

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Guest Alan Lawrance

It turns out that cancelling like you described gives you the tinder you harvested, but it also doesn't take away any of the raw materials! So this is a pretty bad exploit/bug, and will be fixed next update.

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If you harvest multiple newspaper rolls at the same time, but press the back button before the automated thing finishes harvesting them all, you will get tinder plugs for each newspaper roll harvested, but your newspaper rolls will remain the same. To be more specific:

I have 0 tinder plugs and 5 newspaper rolls

Choose to harvest all 5 newspaper rolls at the same time

Once it has harvested four, I press the back button while the harvest bar is still filling up on the fifth roll

I now have 16 tinder plugs and still 5 newspaper rolls.

NOTE: I have not tested this with other materials - only newspaper rolls.

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