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So i was in a cabin and freezing, so i thought i would warm myself up. I started the potbellied stove but that wasn't enough. so i placed a fire in front of the cabin to keep wolves out. figured a fire and a potbellied stove should keep me warm. then i maxxed both of them out at about 10 hrs and 44 minutes one and 10 hrs 55 minutes for the fire. then i went and started harvesting some cloth, and after about an hour i think, the fire disappeared!!

complete puff, gone out. Now i know it was 10+ hours because i was sticking fir firewood on both of them.

ps, i can understand a potbellied stove having a 'capacity' limiting its burn time, and even a fireplace needs a safety zone ...

but an open fire should have no limits. if i want to build a fire to create a light that can be seen in Valhalla then why not??


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I'm assuming you were in a fishing hut (the ones on the ice)?

That must have been some kind of terrible weather you were in that the stove alone wasn't enough. Even with a blizzard going on outside, I've never been cold standing near the stove. It does take some time before it gives off it's full heat.

Campfires can go out prematurely. The game never tells you the reason why the fire went out, but I think it is because of the weather. If the wind gets to strong it can blow the fire out I think.

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Campfires can be blown out by wind, if the wind is strong enough (and your fire is exposed to the wind). Something we've talked about is being able to retrieve some portion of wood from a fire that gets extinguished early.

You beat me to it Alan :)

It would be nice to get a portion of the wood back when a fire gets blown out.

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