What aspect of The Long Dark do you struggle with the most?

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I have two struggles: taking less gear with me to start the day, and hearing wolves.  I have been jumped from behind a hill several times in my most recent game despite listening for them.  I don’t know why I keep missing the auditory cues but think wolf and bear subtitles a great idea, and make the game more accessible for the hearing impaired.

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1 hour ago, FrozenCorpse said:

Cuz HH is one of the fastest ways to get a critter off you with minimal clothing damage...?  Least it was, at one time .. I think.. (heck, idk...).

Yeah, it still is, I think. It's just it weighs a heck of a lot and isn't useful for much else (if you've got a hatchet).

Now we've got the revolver, it's become a lot less attractive as an anti-wolf weapon.

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