Now that was vile and cheap

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Short story. I'm currently in PV after looting TWM, my plan is to take everything to the Dam (yes, I'm obsessive) but leaving enough supplies and tools in the Farm to call it a base. So I'm walking to and fro dropping load after liad of stuff in the transition mine. During one of such trips I sprain a wrist and an ankle. And I have developed risk of cabin fever due to the time spent at the farm sorting things out. So I don't stay in the mine but I head for the cave near the hunter's blind. It's late afternoon, so I only need to pass time. I've forgotten "advanced guns" at the farm. There are rabbits, but I can't hunt. There are wolves too. I have a plan. Amazingly enough, the sun is shining.

I light a fire. Pull a torch. Go towards a rabbit. Scare it into a wolf. Throw the torch to scare off the wolf. Pick up the rabbit, limp back to the cave, hide behind the campfire. In the end I managed to steal a rabbit from a wolf, butcher it and have dinner without using a match and without even being able to throw a stone.

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