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Vince 49

That was really awesome!

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A while back, I got to 100 days on Interloper and told myself that I would never play interloper again.  Since then Stalker, even without a rifle, has become less of a challenge so I broke my promise to myself and started playing Interloper again.  Yesterday (in game) I was within sight of a good game, but not sure I could bridge the gap.  I barely got back from the forge in FM with my life.  I had the components for a bow and arrows, but it would be five or six days before they cured.  I used up the last of my cat tails not dying on my way back from the forge.  I got a couple of rabbits with stones, but had to use a match to cook the meat.  I was down to 18 matches, so using this solution for another five days was not a good option.  So, I had a crazy idea.  Since it was a clear day and I had a magnifying glass, I made a really big fire.  After warming up next to the fire, I went after a deer with my flare gun.  The first time I hit a deer, it ran away in a panic.  I could see it's glow against the nearby trees.  Unfortunately, it ran a long ways off and I never found it.  Being none too bright and waay over confident, I tried again.  Amazingly, I got a critical hit and the deer dropped in its tracks!  It took two trips, each trip I cut out half of the meat, took it to the really big fire, and cooked the meat while warming up.  Afterward I got the hide and guts.  Unfortunately, the wind blew out the fire before I could make enough water.  I've got enough for a day and a half, so if tomorrow is calm and sunny, I might be able to make more water without using another match.  A critical hit on a deer with a flare gun--how lucky was that!

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