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What is your least favorite region in the game?  

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I guess I'm the only person who hates Mystery Lake?  It's overdesigned and video gamey.  Perfectly square map, every inch is filled with stuff but separated by hills juuust too steep to climb, except for a few well-engineered shortcut routes.  There's rabbits and saplings and resources all over, but out of sight from the main routes so if you don't already know they're there, you're unlikely to stumble across them.  Great for an RPG, not so much for an immersive survival game.

Pleasant Valley's weather sucks, Forlorn Muskeg is a frozen hell, but despite that both of those feel like real places.

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Broken railroad.  The map feels unfinished; half of it is interesting (lodge, lake, lower ravine by bridge, maintenance yard), and the other half is long, nearly-empty hallways.

a few points of interest on the other side of the track next to the long walk to the muskeg might give it much-needed flavor.

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