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I really like the game.. Nice survival system, gameplay and so on. But of course, I have met many unbalance issues and many frustations in game which I hope they will be ironed out. I will post my wishlist in game for developers to look it up.

1. Friendly companions. Either dog or sole alive survivors. For dogs, you need meat or dog food to gain it's trust, once won it's trust, he/she will protect you from wolf attacks or keep you warm when sleeping outdoors like real life loyal dogs do. They should be able to sniff out dead survivors or even nearby wolves, warning you the danger. However, dogs(Generally, you should only have one) may die by a wolf alone without assistance, breaking your protagonist's feelings and will also need food and water overtime. Dogs should be only located on warm areas and it may attack you if you provoke an attack against it. Sole survivors, I have met a lot dead survivors, but what happened to them? We should be able to find survivors around the map but who knows if they are friendly or not. If they are friendly, you can ask them to join with you therefore help you scavenge, etc but will need to have food, water in order to survive themselves, they will also attack any wolves on sight if they get threatened. They should be located around the map whether it is warm or not.

2. Difficulties. Easy: Able to load saves after death, wolves are easier to kill and to avoid, there arent a lot of them, a lot resources to scavenge, a lot animals to kill and the protagonist can withstand many damages and would not require a lot water and food to drink. Normal: Able to load saves after death, wolves are normal like now and their normal presence like now, normal resources to scavenge, normal presence animals, etc etc. Hardcore: Not able to load saves after death, wolves are a lot dangerous and need better stealth to avoid from them, there are a lot packs of them around map, scarce resources, less animals to kill and protagonist can easily die.

This is just to command the criticized feature: Permadeath where wolves are already cheated and buggy and the protagonist hardly or its impossible to find weapons against those wolves and game is still laggy on outdoors.

3. Better and improved behavior of wolves. If they see you enter a building, they will EITHER wait outside for many hours, keep a distance and stalk you for hours or enter your building after 2-3 hours to kill you, also interrupting your sleep times. Wolves should be encountered in packs as well around the map, not just one by one. If they hear you sprinting, shoot or sort of noise, they will go to the area and investigate it. If a wolf is howling, nearby wolves will be alerted to the area. If the wolf or wolves see you too close, growling, you should back off backwards, therefore they will not attack you until you turn your back or run, like REAL LIFE wolf behavior has.

4. More indoor interiors mapping. I met many and I felt they became repetive.

5. More regions. Like, one is located in abandoned city where you will find a lot resources, as well as survivors, cars and so on, but wolves may go there. And the other one, located in military.

6. More enemies to encounter. Let's leave the wolves and the possible-to-be-created enemy survivors, let's talk about... Bears! They should attack anyone they see, whether they are wolf, survivor or protagonist. Of course, if you manage to kill it, you will cut loads of delicious meat to cook.

7. More weapons or melee weapons. How about the melee weapons, Shovels, shears, axes... Weapons such as handgun, automatic rifle(Only in military region)...

8. More Conditions such as Illness which can be cured by taking painkillers and to avoid unsafe water or uncooked meat..

9. Driveable cars? Hard to find. If able to find one, it will have very low fuel only to take like many seconds before being stopped.

Amm... so that's all.

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