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I really love all the changes made so far. Collecting firewood is so much easier now, you can icefish and set snares, wolves are scary again. It's great!

I think that it's a little immersion ruining that you can shoot a wolf and not have it go down though. I mean, even hitting a paw is going to slow it down quite a bit, and anything else, I just can't imagine a wolf still being able to come at you. I've seen rifle wounds in animals and I mean...yikes. Especially something as relatively small as a wolf.

I understand that wolves are basically the most controversial thing ever in this game though, and everyone's pulling you in different directions. I thought it would be cool if wolves hunted in packs, something I've pressed quite hard in another thread.

But I mean, stuff is hard to program I know. It's an alpha and I already love it though!

Also I thought maybe a good way to balance wolf difficulty, if you're worried about 1 shot to kill them being too easy, would be to make them run fast!. I shouldn't be able to outrun a wolf right? More immersion, and more realism.

Love the game, and love it even more with every update! Thank you so much for the great product!

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Instead of making a new thread I'll use this one to give my input on stuff.

1: Wolves

I've been wanting wolves to become more of a threat, and you've given me my wish. I've only had one encounter, with Fluffy, just before 166 was done, but it put the fear of god into me. Can't give much opinion on how they are atm, but I'm capable of avoiding wolves quite well, so even if they're extremely dangerous, I'm content, at least now I don't play with them like they're toys.

2: Clothing Degrade

I like the fact wolves can tear your clothing to shreds when you get attacked, it's realistic and adds more reason to avoid wolves. I haven't survived a wolf attack to give input on the level of degrade from the attack, but as long as not every piece of clothing you have on gets destroyed, I'm content.

As for the degrade from weather, I find it to be a bit insane. Storms often pop up really often with no warning for me, leaving me in a situation where my clothes take a heavy beating. On Coastal Highway this may not be as huge an issue, but on Mystery Lake, I have runs like my current one where I find like no clothing, which is going to force me over to the new map much faster then expected. Now I'm not saying get rid of the weather damage to clothing, but perhaps set it where it starts off with a slower degrade (5-10% first hour), and increases an additional 5% or so per hour you're stuck outside.

3: Snares and Fishing

Snares are a lot more useful now, making rabbits a more viable source of food, fishing however is a little less appealing. Damaging your hatchet to break open ice and spend 4 hours to catch 6-8kg worth of fish which often give 800-1200 calories total is a bit much. Doesn't bother me if you have to spend hours fishing, and that some fish may be smaller and so on, it's a risk you take, but having the calorie count drop by half once cooked sort of kills it for me, especially considering the weight of the fish.

4: Bedroll

It would still be nice if we could repair this, lol.

5: Loot

I can't speak for Coastal Highway at this time, but loot is really hard to come across for me on Mystery Lake. The majority of bodies and buildings I search have nothing in them. That being said, I'm not complaining, I like it this way because I have to try and survive more off nature, but weather damage to clothing, and usefulness of fishing make this much harder. Day 10 right now, have explored everywhere but the Dam, and already ended up in situations where I've been starving.

6: Rifles

For the first time ever I've found 2 rifles, not expected, however the second one I found is in better condition, but I have ammo in the other one which is badly damaged. Was hoping perhaps something can be added later in time for removing ammo from a rifle.

7: Wind

I could be wrong, but it seems when starting fires outdoors, the only things that will protect against wind blowing them out is rocks and trees. The natural terrain (hills) doesn't seem to help. Near the train derailment, there is a bunch of rock formations, and if you get behind them, you're actually blocked by wind in all directions basically, you can go down into a little cave like spot in the rocks and start a fire, but if the wind blows from the direction of the hillside, by by fire. This isn't a big deal, but yah. Not sure when Igloos/Snow Shelters might be added, but I thought perhaps another idea which can be useful for blocking wind is perhaps making 2 wooden poles/sticks with canvas/cloth/fur which can be placed by the player like a snare but acts as a wind shield, this way when you get caught outdoors you can hunker down a bit better.

8: Wind Resistance

I'm not sure if this is new or not, but I've never noticed it before. I love it, was running to get to shelter, turned into the wind, and got slowed to a slow crawl, great stuff.

9: Food Poisoning

In the last 2 hours of playing, I've contracted food poisoning 3 times. Once from rabbit at 97%, the other two times from rabbit and fish both at 100%... Personally I think there should be somewhat of a range where food is safe from food poisoning, otherwise it just seems like the character is too incompetent to cook his food well enough. Either that or perhaps remove the requirement of antibiotics to cure. Perhaps make it where once food poisoning is contracted, your condition will reduce to 15% at an insanely quick rate, in which antibiotics can be used to slow the drain if needed until the player can sleep it off, but they're not required to cure it.

May add additional opinions later.

Updated to #9

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I think that it's a little immersion ruining that you can shoot a wolf and not have it go down though. I mean, even hitting a paw is going to slow it down quite a bit, and anything else, I just can't imagine a wolf still being able to come at you. I've seen rifle wounds in animals and I mean...yikes. Especially something as relatively small as a wolf.

I have no hunting experience but read a lot and play hunting sims and I have never seen any indication that wolf or any animal would drop on the spot from a leg wound. Hunters practice a lot targeting the right places, and it adds to gameplay imo, not detracts from it. Slowing it down yes of course, and it would even die most of the time. But afaik hunters know that if they miss the vital organs they will have a lot of tracking to do (hence the dogs) and that it sucks, and that's what the game should simulate imo. It might be frustrating but will also make it more satisfying if you drop animals.

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With something like a large stag or moose, yes, maybe a rifle calibre bullet will not stop it in its tracks.

With something like a wolf?

No. Just no. It gets hit anywhere in the torso or head...its done. Leg yeah sure there's some room for debate.

If you're saying it makes the game harder and that makes the game better, well that's a different issue altogether. I just like realism over all else :)

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Do people do it? Absolutely. Is it necessary to hunt a coyote with a round designed to kill human beings as efficiently as possible? No.

The degree of a bullet's damage is something that is poorly understood. In almost all scenarios when an animal of human or lesser size is hit, barring immediate medical attention, even from a low calibre round, there is a massive amount of blood loss.

Size has everything to do with it. That's why when you hunt big game, you use a larger calibre round.

A wolf get hits by a .303, its done.

But don't take my word for it. Do so some research. And if you find some that says I'm wrong, hey I'll read it.

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I am not going into a ping pong game of posting links from dubious sources and shocking nature but I have seen several videos where coyotes ran after shot one or two times. Deer will also often run for long distances if not shot properly.

If you think "a wolf get hits by a .303, its done", you have not hunted or studied hunting. If you don't hit a vital organ or the bullet overpenetrates, it might even survive.

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I'm afraid I've become a little dubious of your credibility myself, as I have hunted deer. Never coyotes though. Sure sometimes they run a bit, but any sort of trunk shot they do not survive. Can't imagine a coyote doing so.

However I'd be happy to take a look at those videos you mentioned :) I don't want to be ignorant, just explaining what I believe to be realistic.

Perhaps you could tell me what you found disconcerting about my source, and what sort of evidence you would require to believe me, and in the mean time I'll try and find something a little more reputable.

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For anybody else who stumbles upon this, you can find some discussion about the .303 vs Wolf in a question I posed to the 'ask the survival geek' thread, just look for Ark1of712's first post. These people have considerably more experience in marksmanship and hunting than myself, so it's worthwhile to see their thoughts! The whole thread in general is great :)

Don't take my word for it though, check it out for yourself!

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