Mobile theme or Tapatalk possibility?

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I'm a avid forum user, or currently very active on over 7 with multiple daily interaction.

These forums are very lovely to look at but there doesn't seem to be a mobile theme. I need to use a lot of pinching and squeezing on my pad to edit/post etc. The bottom buttons are very large.

I love tapatalk, is there any chance to have it on here or at least a great mobile theme.


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I'm replying to you from my iPhone and I seem to get a mobile version. Check out the attached screenshot.

What's your device and are you sure you aren't forcing your device's browser to load Desktop site by default?

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Regarding Tapatalk, I sniffed around and found that Tapatalk is Vanilla compatible. I'm sure forum admin will need to add some kind of API on this end to enable Tapatalk access to the forum.

Admin: You can poll to see how many backers are using Tapatalk to see if it's worth adding.

Tapatalk's get started to add & activate Tapatalk Plug-In:

Hope it helps!


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