Hunger Vs. Weather Adjustment


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Quick and to the Point:

Love the game. Keep up the fantastic work!


After eating 8lbs of meat in a day, my player shouldn't have to eat food in order to prevent health loss for quite some time. I understand there is a line between creating a fun game and realism. Trying to become TOO realistic only draws a small crowd.


The Impact of the climate/weather conditions on your player is awesome. Tune down the hunger meter, make food/animals more scarce.


This will create more intense animal encounters, and get the player to think, "I don't know when I'll see a deer again...I can't let it go now....crap, the temp is dropping...go back? or try to secure the deer?...crap crap crap."

With only 5 bullets. That decision plays an even bigger impact.

Finding an animal in a survival situation and killing it is a HUGE advantage and victory. Players should feel that way on here.

Thanks again for your time!

Side Note: Frostnip/bite should be a player risk/injury if they don't have those body parts covered with adequate clothing and are exposed to the elements too long. <---You may already be working on this. I am new to the community.

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