What I'd like to see in the game


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5. More animals, ex: Moose, bears, arctic fox

4. Traps, ex: build or find traps that you could use to catch rabbits or trap wolves

3. Pets, perhaps you could find a dog in an abandoned house and feed it to get it as a pet who will defend you from wolves

2. Cannibalism? If your hunger gets to certain point, you will then be able to eat human flesh

1. Save mechanic

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5. More animals are already in development

4. You can already build snares. Use a workbench to craft one out of reclaimed wood and gut then go outside to an area that has rabbits and place it.

3. Been suggested many times already. Will probably never be in the game because all pets would have either died or gone wild.

2. Will probably never be implemented if only because it will get the game banned in some countries and get a very high age rating in most others.

1. The game saves automatically when you sleep, enter a house or something happens to you (food poisoning, sprained ankle etc).

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