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18 minutes ago, Mojodojo said:

Had to sign up to say THANK YOU! I had the same issue with the crash thing and tried everything. You saved the day. Thanks!!!!

I am glad I could help! I was literally about to delete this Topic, which I still may have to do because of all the hate I have received... I was feeling pretty sad there, but seeing this post has helped me some. Thanks! I am glad that I could help someone. :) 

PS. For those of you who have been really understanding and kind - thank you. But for those who have not been understanding and kind, I would ask that you from now on be more considerate of people that have a mental illness or who are on the spectrum. 

The things that we say can either make or break someone, and a lot of these comments directed towards me were made to break me and that's so disheartening. In fact the things said had brought me to tears, I had thought about whether I should reply or not but I decided to wait a while. I wanted to chew over my words, I didn't want to post in haste. 

I have felt like I have been nothing but good to and for this community (please don't take this wrong), I have always been there to back up Hinterland. So for me to wake up this morning after having a breakdown last night, and see these hurtful posts has really put a damper on me today. I thought by apologizing everything would change, and people would give me a chance, but sadly I was wrong. But I have learned a valuable lesson, you cannot make people care... they either care or they don't. Nothing I say or do will change the way people view me, perceive me, or whether people take into consideration that my mind does work differently due to the problems I have. 

At the end of the day I don't hook my star to anyone but my Maker, meaning I don't idolize anyone, and I don't even try to look up to anyone. I have learned that when you do put someone else up on a pedestool you are only putting yourself lower, and you are setting yourself up for being hurt by that person and that could change how you perceive them from there on out. I don't consider myself lower than anyone else, I feel that no matter our standing in society, our job, our income, our status, whatever, we are ALL equal. 

If I could leave with some words of advice it would be this; Please be more considerate of individuals who may have issues whether it be learning issues, mental issues, or any other issue. Everyone's mind works differently, especially minds like mine. I don't take ridicule too well, I admittedly have anger issues, I have always had anger issues and it's not something that I can personally change - I have tried. 

But I will take the high road and not repay evil for evil, instead I will repay evil with kindness. Even in the midst of the hurt and hatred for my character - my being, I still wish everyone here the BEST, and again - I apologize. 

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Closing this topic as we are looking at getting a fix for the crash out later today on Steam, hopefully (and a bit later on other platforms). Also looking at Sprain tuning to see what's going on there. That fix may take 24-48 hours to get out due to the testing timeline.

Also, let's stay on topic and remain cordial to one another, please.

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